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[SGR​-​009] Album Sampler (12")

by Jungle Radio

  • 12", label by Fabio Valentini

    Sold Out



A1. 7080 (Salvatore Stallone remix)
A2. 7080 (Daughters & Sons remix)
A3. 7080 (original)
B1. Bikini (Robbymasi Titty Twisted remix)
B2. Bikini (original)
B3. Belladonna

The Jungle Radio are a band formed of four Italian based musicians, which mix instruments apparently distant, in a flow of energy and hypnotism made of classic funk and disco all played live, with new and interesting opening to dub and Balkan vibes. The electronic bass and rhythm sections create an irresistible dance sound, combined with didgeridoo, sax and accordion's improvisations.
Here you find the album sampler. The three tracks extracted "7080", "Bikini" and "Belladonna" are followed by the same number of prestigious remixes, by Salvatore Stallone, Roberto Masi and Daughters & Sons. Nothing else to add, except a warm invitation to play it loud.


released July 22, 2013


tags: funk Parma


Jungle Radio Parma, Italy

Recently formed project to combine instruments apparently distant from each others, joining by four musicians belonging to different backgrounds. Drum and the electronic bases give rise to dance sound on which creep hypnotic textures of didgeridoo, sax and accordion's improvisations. A mix of pure rhythm with multiple colors and shades: funk, disco, rock, pop, jazz, dub, balcan vibes. ... more

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